4 Underrated Youtube Channels For Your Daily Music Fix

There are a lot of easy to listen to Youtube music channels which have been providing a variety of music to suit your tastes. Here’s an assortment of channels to get you started.

Come the occasional late night internet caper, we often find ourselves lost in the uglier realms of YouTube, prowling though the Recommends sections for a song inspiring enough to stir something within us. It’s easy enough to fall prey to this infinite cycle, and finding new music is easier now than ever before in history. But given the sheer number of songs being uploaded onto the internet every minute, finding good music is becoming increasingly arduous. Fear not- we here at Fynestuff have dug up the best YouTube channels notorious for providing good quality music in large numbers. Take a look.


You might have come across this one before. Over the last six years, this channel has been uploading excellent electronic music by lesser known artists, a lot of which have garnered well over a million views. Currently, MrSuicideSheep has five million subscribers and uploads new music every few days. The one thing that really makes them stand out, though, is the use of breathtaking images uploaded with each new song.



Technically, Majestic is not one YouTube channel, but three. Over the years it has branched into three separate entities- Majestic Dubstep, Majestic Drum and Bass, Majestic Casual. Each covers music respective to its name, and has a healthy blend of known as well as unknown artists. Out of the three, Majestic Casual easily takes the cake for the most downloadable music, with over three million subscribers and a playlist covering indie, house and hip hop music.


The Sound You Need

Aesthetically pleasing thumbnail images seems to be the trend here, with yet another channel using it to enhance the experience of its listeners. Featuring the likes of Nujabes, Zella Day, Durante, etc, this channel has a little bit for everyone, with tunes ranging from hip hop, rap and indie. Started by 21 year old Oliver Dutertre, this channel quickly grew to be one of the most popular arthouse music propositions on Youtube.



Unlike the above mentioned channels, Proximity thrives almost entirely on remixes of already popular music. Aimed mainly towards those looking for underground EDM music, this channel initially operated under the name Pandoric, but has changed it’s name over the five years of its existence.

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