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    How to Buy Bitcoin With Euros on Zebpay

    Buy Bitcoin with Euros

    If you’ve been following cryptocurrency for a while, you’ll know that Bitcoin is one of the top crypto investments to make; you can learn how to Buy BTC cryptocurrency online. Buying and selling Bitcoin in Europe is now easier than ever, thanks to Zebpay’s simple and sleek experience. Zebpay is India’s oldest and most trustworthy […]

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    What Gives Bitcoin Its Value?

    bitcoin value 100000 usd

    Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency remains unbacked by a government. Bitcoin isn’t pegged to gold or the US dollar either, so what gives it a value deserving of the market cap of large tech companies? If you want to brush up on what Bitcoin is, here’s a very basic explanation of blockchain technology. Speculative Value […]

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    Blockchain and IoT is the Future of Enterprise Technology

    Blockchain IoT Link

    What is IoT (Internet of Things)? Recently, Cisco predicted that there will be 500 billion IoT connections over the next 10 years. But what is IoT? It includes devices in a huge network. All devices are inter connected, and data is collected through all these devices with the help of the internet to achieve some required […]

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    The Best Tech Podcasts of 2018

    tech podcasts

    Podcasts have been one form of media that I hadn’t appreciated enough, until recently. An opportune stumbling into them began with The Energy Gang and Freakonomics Radio, and I was hooked. These podcasts, though all technology related, are all very diverse, providing a refreshing, thought provoking mix of things. Initially, as a total newcomer, what […]

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    RBI Issues Order to Stop Banks from Servicing Cryptocurrencies

    rbi bitcoin ban

    If you follow the media and news reports, Bitcoin is banned multiple times a year. However, this time the news comes straight from the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) with their press release statement on Developmental and Regulatory Policies. What this means for Bitcoin While Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies haven’t explicitly been outlawed in India, this gives […]

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    5 Best Countries for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investors

    lowest tax countries cryptocurrency

    This is a list from NFTs on Coinbase of the 5 most forward thinking countries when it comes to Bitcoin. Most of these countries not only have low (or even zero) cryptocurrency taxes, but are also conducive to building blockchain technology. Countries that embrace new technologies like distributed ledgers, which go hand in hand with […]

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    Why Are Cryptocurrency Prices so Volatile?

    why are crypto prices so volatile

    1) Speculative asset Speculative assets are a dirty word in finance – it usually represents scams, non performing assets or economic bubbles that are far above its intrinsic value. However, one can’t deny the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies today, since few of them even have a working product. The definition of a speculative asset means […]

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    Which country uses Bitcoin as its official currency?

    china usa bitcoin official currency

    Bitcoin is the closest anything except the US dollar has ever come to being a de facto ‘global currency’. Yet no country officially accepts Bitcoin as legal tender. Now there are some countries, like Venezuala, that are teetering on the edge and may need to resort to using cryptocurrencies to replace its own fiat. But […]

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    Cryptocurrencies Might Be What Saves the World’s Failing Energy Grid

    Cryptocurrency Solar Power energy grid

    Have you wondered about the possibility of trading locally generated energy with the people around you? This might sound fictitious, but among many of its other features, cryptocurrency, is in fact enabling such transactions using micro-grids around the world today. Among the many prospective applications of cryptocurrency in the near future, utilizing it to solve […]

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    fynestuff content marketing company mumbai

    In today’s world, Content is King Content Marketing We specialize in unique, one of a kind articles with inputs from industry experts in various fields. Our articles are crafted to enthrall major social media platforms, win over your audience, and capture the essence and ambition of your brand. Social Media Management Buying Facebook ads isn’t […]

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    The 5 Best Cryptocurrencies in Each Category

    best cryptocurrency in each category

    If you’ve been following the cryptocurrency markets for a long time (basically any time before December 2017, since time moves so fast in crypto land), you’ll realize that good tech wins out in the end. This means that over the long term, cryptocurrencies that add value to various technology platforms surrounding the space outperform gimmicks […]

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    5 Most Undervalued Cryptos You Can Buy on Binance

    best cryptocurrencies to buy on binance

    This list sheds light on some undervalued cryptocurrencies that you can buy on Binance while they’re cheap. My previous lists like these seem to be quite popular and I’m constantly getting asked questions on what’s the best ‘undervalued’ pick, and whether so-and-so crypto is worth a buy. Well, this list should satiate that need for […]