Harry Styles in Dunkirk: What Does it Mean for One Direction?

Which Style suits Harry the best? Being known as the One Direction guy or proving his versatility? His casting in Christopher Nolan’s new WWII movie makes his world a whole lot more interesting.

2017 is going to be a great year for Harry Styles, famed member of pop rock band One Direction, as he makes his acting debut while launching his new solo album.

Many Directions Now

To every artist born, it’s the fans who transform them into a star. One Direction‘s popularly shaggy haired singer Harry Styles comes up with his debut movie this year, a fact which had us all running the same question over in our minds: “How good will a singer be in a movie?”

harry styles dunkirk role

The answer to the question will only be revealed once the movie has been released, but the fans’ excitement for the movie shows promise. Harry’s debut movie, named Dunkirk, is based on the British military evacuation during World War II, and is a temporal, time-twisting action-thriller.

Harry is perfect for the role, says Dunkirk casting director

No matter what one says, the beloved singer is not one to risk a successful music career for a single movie. Why then would a musician of his caliber choose to go down this road? The debate that erupted immediately after the cast broke out focused mainly on whether it was fair to have someone with no acting merit to his name get the lead role in a film. Questions were asked about whether it was fair on the director’s part, as Harry supposedly got in with perfect auditions for the role of a serviceman. Dunkirk casting director John Papsidera seemed to pick Harry for his great audition. There are struggles as well to explore his solo projects, but fans hope he hasn’t forgotten the music that gained him his stardom in the first place.

What’s ahead for Harry Styles?

He may get success for all his solo projects, but the love and support of his fans might start dwindling as he expands into uncharted territory. The One Directioners all had successful solo careers, but nothing that matched up to what they were like as a group.

The only way Harry Styles can prove his versatility to his fans is being consistent with his work, starting with his appearance in Dunkirk. Having an aura of elegance that allows his fans to support him like they did initially is paramount.

One Direction: more than a sum of its parts?

One Direction, first and foremost, was famous as a group instead of a collection of individuals. Greater than the sum of its parts? Perhaps. Zayn Malik‘s exit from the band already resulted in a downward spiral for One Direction. Later, all the members aimed at being individually successful and revealed that the group would go on a break in 2016. The group had released Drag Me Down in 2015 which was a part of their fifth album Made In The A.M as their song to be.

Where One Direction stands today

All the members of the band are into exploring their solo projects. Liam Payne came with his solo album in July, 2016. Louis Tomlinson teamed up with DJ Steve Aoki and released their collaborative single “Just Hold On” in December,2016. Niall Horan the fourth member of the band also came with his first single as a solo artist “This Town” in September, 2016.

harry styles one direction star in dunkirk

The band had unanimously decided to go on a break in 2016, so that they can pursue their individual projects. Now as 2017 descends upon us, there are talks of a One Direction reunion. The band members have slowly started opening up to the idea. Louis and Niall gave their comments and are hinting they’ll have a reunion this year.

Niall Horan suggested in an interview, “Loyal ‘Directioners’ shouldn’t lose hope for a reunion.”

This reminds us of a certain someone…

Justin Timberlake, one of the more renowned names in Hollywood, who happens to hold 10 Grammy Awards has also gained fame in the movie industry. Justin Timberlake went on a musical hiatus and tried his hand at acting. He starred as a main lead and also did a cameo in many films. But even today his name is at the forefront of the music industry. “I have no aspirations of being a movie star,” said Timberlake, closing all discussions in an interview earlier. “I need no more attention.” His intentions are clear; to focus on his singing but do some acting alongside.

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