What do we do?

Fynestuff.com is dedicated to getting the best people getting you the best news and articles on gaming, tech and entertainment. No longer do you have to endure super clickbaity titles only to find out the article’s literally just a list of tweets. No longer do you have to wander away into the depths of your favourite media empire owned tech site only to find disingenuous, badly written articles on the games, music, movies, TV shows, books and Twitch memes that mean so much to you.

Who does this?

Fynestuff was created by UpamanyuShivendra and Samar. Two people who don’t know why exactly three Earths can fit into one of Jupiter’s storms, but do know how to write good content and get rekt by doggos in Dota 2. And the third is a Samar.

Why do we do this?

Our competitors today are in complete disarray, especially within the gaming journalism community; either content is behind a paywall, or heavily sponsored and therefore prone to biases, and the ones that do flourish without either of those just do shoddy jobs. Our goal and vision is to bridge the gap between you and your games, entertainment and technology and bring you what you want to know in the easiest way possible.

You’re not making any money. How do I support you guys?

By following us on our

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