KryptoGraphe – the Definitive Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

In the fast changing world of cryptocurrencies, very few applications are able to stay relevant for a long time. A new wave of crypto portfolio trackers is here, led by the best one I found, called KryptoGraphe.

When looking for portfolio tracking apps, I’ve found that the simplest ones with the cleanest designs are the ones I end up sticking with. In my previous article a few months ago, the list pointed out advantages of some of the popular apps. However, that doesn’t mean that things haven’t changed. I recently stumbled upon an app with considerably less media presence, since they’re just starting out, and decided to highlight why I think they’re the best option on the market right now.

What makes KryptoGraphe so special?

1. The Design and Ease of Use

KryptoGraphe is extremely well designed and intuitive – it works straight out of the box and is user friendly to start. This goes beyond just the real time charts and graphs, which in 2018 should be flawless and well-designed in every app, and shouldn’t require special mention. However, the competition doesn’t live up to this paradigm. Coins are displayed in a vast array of local currencies, according to your choice, and isn’t just limited to popular ones like USD. Adding and removing trades are easy, but the app focuses in crypto lending and making it even easier to add exchange APIs, so you never have to manually add trades if you use popular exchanges like Bitfinex, Bittrex, Binance or Kucoin.

2. Built in News and Coinmarketcap

My daily cryptocurrency ritual when I woke up was twofold; open my portfolio tracker to see how many percentage points I was down by, and then open up Coinmarketcap to see how much the rest of the market was up by. I’d then open up my various sources of crypto news and information – reddit’s r/cryptocurrency, various publications and content aggregators like Google Play News. KryptoGraphe does both of these in the app – there’s a built in Coinmarketcap page as well as a news page that’s updated frequently (3-5 times a day) with useful information. It’s a small thing but it makes being informed about events faster and easier. With apps like these, it’s the little things that matter. With Polygon #BUIDLIT Hackathon – Funfair you can learn more about cryptocurrencies and more.

3. APIs with Most of the Large Exchanges

I was pleasantly surprised to find that APIs for all of the exchanges I use are present on KryptoGraphe. I could connect all of my accounts. Most apps have large exchanges like Bittrex and Binance, but the smaller ones like Cryptopia or Kucoin are missing. Having access to tracking portfolios from smaller exchanges is a huge boon, and the developers of KryptoGraphe have my thanks for this, and also other exchanges tools like Bitcoin to paypal which help a lot with exchange rates information and more related to this.

kryptographe cryptocurrency exchange screenshot

4. Know How You Perform

Percentile scores for your portfolio that grade you not just on an absolute scale, but against similar investors with similar profiles, show you how you’re performing. This ‘gamification’ of crypto-tracking gives an added dimension and will certainly help you understanding which of your assets are underperforming the rest of the market. It’s useful to investors who are just starting out and want to gauge their investment performance against the market at large. You can also compare against specific groups such as Top 25 percentile investors or investors from your country.

kryptographe coinmarketcap screenshot

5. Privacy Policy and Sharing Your Data

I was around when Blockfolio was the king of crypto tracking apps, but then news broke out about their sharing of individual user data with third parties. In a market as privacy conscious as cryptocurrency investors, this began a vast migration of users from that platform into other crypto portfolio apps. KryptoGraphe’s privacy policy is solid and user friendly. It also explicitly states that the “Company does not share, sell, rent, or trade any information provided with third parties for their promotional purposes.” This is a big deal for something as sensitive as user data in a financial context like cryptocurrencies.

You can download KryptoGraphe on iOS and Android.

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