Top 5 Free iOS Wallpaper Apps

We list down the top 5 wallpapers apps for an iOS device, including the iPhone 7 and iPads, with the unique features they provide and their differentiating qualities.

You spend, at the very least, a few seconds each day staring at your background wallpaper. So why not take the extra step to customise your iOS wallpaper to be exactly how you want?

There are multitudinous options in the app store to choose from, so this makes the task of picking the best wallpaper app slightly difficult. Every app listed here is free, so anyone can make use of their creative colour combinations and wallpaper effects.

What’s the best wallpaper app for iPhone 7? We’ve curated and listed down the top 5 iOS Wallpaper Apps, in order.


WLPPR iOS Wallpaper Apps

WLPPR, or ‘wallpaper’ without vowels, is unique because it’s one of the few apps which provides wallpapers with exclusive images. If you’re a fan of space and love looking at stars and galactic themes, WLPPR is for you. The wallpapers include images of planets, satellites and various views of space. The satellite images of our planet are available for free, while for the wallpapers of other planets, one needs to share the app on Twitter or Facebook. The WLPPR Original includes 84 wallpapers which have different seasonal views of our planet. There are still more categories of wallpapers to choose from; winter satellite views, drone views, the universe viewed through the lens of a satellite and many more.

From spacey universe pictures to top-down city views, WLPPR, with its panoramic wallpapers, brings space to life.

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4. Wallpapers by Pimp Your Screen

Wallpapers by Pimp Your Screen iOS Wallpaper Apps

Pimp Your Screen is an amalgam of nature, art, cartoons and seasonal views. Its one differentiating feature is that it provides wallpapers with monthly calendars. This is a free iPhone wallpaper app where you can have a wallpaper along with a calendar which can actually help you out with the upcoming days and dates. So, here’s something where work and creativity convene. It also provides secret wallpapers which you can unlock by watching certain advertisement videos of 30 seconds.

There are also wallpapers with comprehensible quotes that go along with background images.

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 3. Retina HD Wallpapers

Retina HD ios wallpaper apps

Retina HD is all about quirky and felicitous wallpapers. Its something where there’s a concoction of nature and art. It’s a quintessentially casual approach to everyday objects, through the sparkly lens of colour and artistic aptitude. Providing high definition wallpapers makes the subjects come to life. Its subtle use of vibrant shades, with a flair for a pastel tincture, Retina HD is a good fit for an unpretentious personality.

Retina HD is one of those iOS wallpaper apps that provides understated but credible art.

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2. Featured of Wallpapers

Featured of Wallpapers ios wallpaper apps

Featured of Wallpapers app, features wallpapers which are bold and unique. It’s another free iPhone wallpaper app that provides a platform to engage directly with the creators of various wallpapers. Here, you can also follow the various people who make wallpapers and upload them. So you have the opportunity to be up-to-date with the latest wallpapers from the source themselves. You can fill your favourites list by clicking the star button. Featured offers a more abstract avenue with some cool colour shades compared to other wallpaper apps.

Featured helps in giving an offhand vibe to your screen.

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1. Top Chart of Wallpapers

Top Chart Best Top iOS Wallpapers

Top Chart as its name defines, has the top wallpapers with different hues and eccentric art. It provides different categories like cartoons, art and many more which actually covers an extensive range of user choices. It also has a premium version which will free the user from the advertisements that pop in. Top Chart allows us to save the wallpaper on our phone and also has options for sharing it on social media platforms. One can also like, comment or mark the wallpaper as inappropriate. Top Chart also allows you to draw your creativity as you can upload your own wallpapers!

Top Chart has seasonal and artistic wallpapers which always look fresh and fantastic.

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So that concludes our list of the best free iOS wallpaper apps for iPhone 7. If you feel there are some iOS apps out there that we’ve missed out, do let us know and leave a comment.

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