A lovely Sunday afternoon.


Google Maps is the Number One Source of Unexpected Shenanigans

There’s a lot of weird stuff on Google Maps.

Recently, a rather strange subreddit started trending on reddit.

Take a look. You’ll find things like this.

Walking Shenanigans: How not to walk.

So what is Google Maps Shenanigans all about?

google maps shenanigans grave

You know how Google Maps strives to make the world easier to navigate by immersing you in the location you want to be in? This is not that.

google maps shenanigans bicycle
Is this really where I want to be?

Errant Google Streetview drivers beware: the cameras are catching your speeding shenanigans.

google maps shenanigans speeding
Doing 37 in a 35. Shame on you, Google.

I mean, it’s not like Google’s own shenanigans don’t get caught.

Toronto police pulled over a Google Street View car, and it was captured on Google Street View

Ever get the feeling you know probably know some of these people?

google maps shenanigans trashcan
A lovely Sunday afternoon.

Google Maps shenanigans sometimes do a better job of depicting the local ambiance. Case in point: Edinburgh.

google maps shenanigans edinburgh
Edinburgh Shenanigans

Ever wondered what it’s like being a Google Streetview driver or cameraman?

google maps shenanigans streetview meetup
The annual meetup

At least it helps us gather insightful information and get a greater sense of the spirit of the community.

google maps shenanigans dogpoop
Or not.

Do something weird the next time you see a Google Streetview car.

google maps shenanigans photo
Someone out there has a picture of a Google Streetview Car taking a picture of him taking a picture of a Google Streetview car.

Check out the /r/googlemapsshenanigans subreddit for more.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on Google Maps? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Upamanyu Acharya

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