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Check Out the Dota 2 Drinking Game for TI6

A redditor created a website tracking various events that could happen at TI. Take a shot every time it happens and you’ll end up drunker than Xboct at TI3.

The Dota 2 Drinking Game website is now live. Take a shot every time “Arteezy is the first one to disconnect after GG” or “ppd makes a salty tweet”. The selection of events is enough to get SumaiL drunk, and he’s not even legal drinking age.

The site: dotadrinking.com

dota 2 drinking game ti6

The site was created after being inspired by a reddit post from /u/CloudCookies. /u/hookdump (@hookdump on twitter) then took it upon himself to create a website live tracking these events as they happen, and was able to create it in a day. Some features are still going to be added soon but the site is up and running.

We contacted him, and /u/hookdump had this to say: “The important part is not just the drinking part (in fact I don’t even drink)… but it’s just funny to keep track of how much certain specific things happen during a tournament. :)”

The creator is looking for admins to trigger the events as they happen – the more people the better. They’re looking to give access to the admin page, so if you’re interested please message /u/hookdump on reddit, and start pouring!

Written by Upamanyu Acharya

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