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Our TI6 Compendium Predictions

Today’s the last day to ensure you get your TI6 Compendium Predictions right. Take a look at some of the experts’ predictions or follow ours.

The TI6 Compendium predictions end in just under a day. If you haven’t placed your predictions, or are waiting for experts to guide you, you’re in luck (not really). Our predictions are based on no statistical analysis and the majority are just an amalgamation of select picks from people who know better than us. Still, we think our chances of success are pretty high. Before you check out ours you could check out some of their predictions:

Fynestuff.com’s TI6 Compendium Predictions:

Hero Predictions

ti6 compendium hero prediction


Team Predictions

ti6 compendium team prediction


Player Predictions

ti6 compendium player prediction


Tournament Predictions

ti6 compendium tournament prediction


Do note that the nature of these predictions means you’ll never get 100% of them correct. Even 4/40 is considered pretty good, though with our predictions we’re aiming to get atleast 8. Check back on this page on August 13th to laugh at us when we don’t do well (don’t do that).

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Written by Upamanyu Acharya

I founded Fynestuff. I play games, write tech articles and look towards putting Buzzfeed out of business someday. Let's talk about crypto: upamanyu@fynestuff.com

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