Fear Retires; Arteezy and Cr1t join Evil Geniuses

BabyRage? BabyRage.

As part of a two day “press release”, Evil Geniuses announced EG.Fear’s retirement on their website. He’s now the team’s coach.

evil geniuses website source now with 100000 percent less garfields

Fear had this to say:

“Today, I’m announcing my retirement from competitive Dota. I have been living my dream of being a professional gamer for over a decade now, and in that time I’ve accomplished each of the goals I placed for myself and for EG Dota. Now, I have to pursue a new goal – getting healthy. I still have a passion for Dota and for competing, but the long term health of my arm has to come first. Thank you all for your support.”

Charlie Yang, EG’s former manager said this on Fear retiring:

“I had a conversation with Clinton a couple weeks ago about the qualities you want in players. We went through the typical list of things like being hardworking, intelligent, calm. But we both agreed there was this less tangible quality that’s innate; which is that some players are just winners. You expect them to do well, you expect them to succeed at what ever they do, they rise to the occasion and pressure is never a factor for them. Artour once called this EG Blood. Even on the less successful teams that Clinton has been on, you never got the sense that he wasn’t great. It was just a matter of time. Clinton is a winner. Clinton has EG Blood. I expect nothing different from him in his new role.”

charlie yang's statement regarding fear's retirement

That’s not it for the Evil Geniuses announcements though. As it stands, Arteezy is back in EG and he’s brought two time major winner Cr1t along with him. Reddit had this to say about the Arteezy joining EG for the third time:

The most interesting part of the announcement though is former TI-winning captain PPD‘s transition into a “business management” role in the Evil Geniuses organisation. We always knew he was really good at handling the EG brand through his multiple interviews, vlogs and general honesty with his fans. But let’s be honest, in e-sports, that title probably makes him head of memes. PPD just got #fallshuffle’d into a desk job. Anything’s a possibility in the world of Dota 2 it seems.

The new EG roster:

the new EG roster
from evilgeniuses.gg

Artour “Arteezy” Babaevsky

Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora

Syed “Sumail” Hassan

Ludwig “Zai” Wahlberg

Andreas “Cr1t” Nielsen (C)

Written by Upamanyu Acharya

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