The Fall Shuffle is Over, Here are the Locked Rosters

No one would have guessed the teams these players ended up on. Don’t worry, there’s no EG.SirActionSlacks (yet).

This roster shuffle was the most unpredictable shuffle in the history of Dota. With tons of new, unheard of team combinations being formed and a ‘back to the roots’ transformation in most major teams, it seems players are taking a step back and realizing that a star-studded lineup isn’t all you need to win tournaments. That doesn’t mean that none of these teams are absolutely stacked, however. The major players are still juggernauts and should be scary to face, but there are also a lot of new personalities in the scene who are sure to imbibe the new meta with something different after the roster locks.

speed gaming locked roster


Team 1 2 3 4 5
Digital Chaos Resolut1on w33 Moon Saksa MiSeRy♔
compLexity Gaming Justin canceL Moo Zfreek Swindle
EvernovaS mason FLee Sneyking wayto Jason
Evil Geniuses Arteezy Suma1l UNiVeRsE Zai cr1t♔
FDL Beesa 747 MJW 04 Stan King♔
Team Freedom Boris WwD ixmike88 Jubei Eagle
Infamous -_^ Benjaz♔ Kotaro Krtk Accel BanG
Team Leviathan Monib Shiibbyy Jenkins Newsham jaH
Pain Gaming 4dr hFn Tavo KINGRD♔ c4t
Not Today Scofield Atun Greedy Sword Jerry
Team NP Aui_2000 EternaLEnVy♔ MSS SVG 1437
T Show Therence Cys Mandy Baga Gambling

America might be home to the biggest betrayals of the season, with Digital Chaos dropping Moo for Moon. The extra letter probably increases their chances to win a TI by 50%. Evil Geniuses notably brought Arteezy back for the third time, with Fear living the old man life in retirement and PPD climbing the corporate ladder in the Evil Geniuses management. Team NP is EternaLEnVy’s new creation, playing alongside the victim of last season’s biggest betrayal, Aui, and American veterans MSS, SVG and Theeban (1437). This team definitely has a shot at winning it big, but it’s still an NA team, so you never know.


Team 1 2 3 4 5
CDEC Gaming Shade June demons September Flyby
EHOME Sylar old chicken eLeVeN LaNm Guardian
Invictus Gaming BurNing Op Xxs boboka Q
IG Vitality Yuno Fran InJuly super♔ dogf1ghts
LGD Gaming Ame Maybe Jixing Xz Victoria
LGD. Forever Young Monet Super Yao xiao8 LPC
Newbee uuu9 Sccc kpii kaka Faith
Wings Gaming shadow bLink Faith_bian y’♔ iceice
Vici Gaming END ghost yang fy ddc
Vici Gaming J Agressif NoNo rOtk Fenrir HYM

With MMY taking a “six month break” and Maybe continuing on the LGD roster, the team has a few new players. Mu from Newbee has retired, with Hao and ChuaN leaving as well. This leaves Sccc and uuu9 to join Newbee from the Newbee.Y squad. Agressif joins Vici Gaming J along with rOtk who’ll be playing with Fenrir. The TI winning Wings roster stays together. BurNing goes back to IG and will team up with Q and former IG.Vitality players.


Team 1 2 3 4 5
DX Arszeeq Scandal Ax.Mo Sh4dowehhh Øxn
Elements Pro Gaming Swiftending BadrHari Mitch MiLAN LeBronDota
Team Empire ALOHADANCE G Ghostik Miposhka KingR
FRIENDS AfterLife Undershock yoky- Nofear AWF
The MoonSight Funn1k Immune art D3XTR creat1ve
Natus Vincere Ditya Ra Dendi GeneRaL SoNNeikO♔ Artstyle
Vega Squadron fn Iceberg Mag~ fng♔ Cema
Virtus Pro RAMZES666 No[o]ne 9pasha Solo♔ Lil

9pasha is back, but this time with Virtus Pro. Alohadance, Ghostik and G join Team Empire. Funn1k creates a new team called The MoonSight after a rather tumultuous few months on the sidelines. Na’Vi stays together completely and doesn’t poach any new players, which is good. FNG is back, but this time with Vega Squadron, who picked up fn, Iceberg, Mag~ and Cematheslayer.


Team 1 2 3 4 5
Ad Finem Madara ThuG SkyLark Maybe Next Time SsaSpartan♔
Alliance Loda♔ Limmp jonnasomfan EGM Handsken
Escape Gaming Era qojqva KheZu YapzOr syndereN♔
The Imperial Ace 13abyKnight HeStEJoE- NoiA♔ Ryze
Kaipi bOne7 Singsing TheCoon SexyBamboe♔ FLUFFNSTUFF
Team Liquid MATUMBA Miracle- MinD_CtRL BuLba KuroKy♔
LVLUP kole Wagamama pwN Emperor606 dnz
OG n0tail Ana S4 JerAx Fly♔
Prodota Gaming Garter♔ Pingvincek Kefka CWM Biver
Team Secret MP MidOne FoReV Puppey♔ pieliedie

Looking at these rosters leaves me dumbfounded; I never thought I’d see the day when Alliance is a team without Akke, Loda and Bulldog. After the team of friendship and fury split up, s4 joined OG and OG’s very own 9k, Miracle, joined Liquid. Team SEAcret picked up FoReV, MidOne and MP and will hopefully combat some of their difficulties with a strong but less experienced squad. Escape Gaming stay together and FluffNStuff joins Kaipi for yet another incarnation of one of SingSing’s never ending tier 2.5 rosters. Liquid pick up Bulba after the old Secret departed, JerAx will be joining OG from Liquid, and a new face, Ana will be joining OG.


Team 1 2 3 4 5
Execration Gabbi Abed Rapy DJ Kim0♔
Team Faceless Black^ Jabz iceiceice xy- NutZ
Fnatic Raven Mushi♔ Ohaiyo eyyou DeMoN
Mineski Meracle Raging Potato♔ RR Julz NinjaBoogie
Mineski-X Kecik Imba Zai’ WinteR InsidiousC XtiNcT
MVP Phoenix Febby QO Velo ReiSeN DuBu♔
Rave Ab1ng Kevz WHPH Tims flysolo♔
s1 Lykos P- Nando Yaj Erice Yabish
Signature Trust LaKelz♔ MyPro aabBAA Boombell tnt
Team Tangerine Syeonix Kecik Imba Roddgeee ADTR xNova-
TNC Pro Team Teehee Kuku Sam_H ryOyr Cast
White Fries Gaming kyxy YamateH hyhy Big_A net

Jimmy “I won’t be joining Fnatic” Ho joins Fnatic, who also pick up Raven and eyyou for their new roster. Black^ and iceiceice leave their panelist and semiprofessional troll professions to form Team Faceless. MVP Phoenix pick up Velo and ReiSeN to make up for the players who moved to Secret. Some shuffles all around leave TNC, White Fries Gaming, Mineski and Rave with formidable rosters, which should make for a very interesting post TI6 season of Dota 2.

Note: All credit for the roster tables goes to reddit user /u/HAPPYSADPERSON, who did the entire Dota 2 community a favour by compiling the list in his reddit thread.

Written by Upamanyu Acharya

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