Beyond The Summit Possibly Planning a CS:GO Tournament?

Beyond The Summit teases us with a subtle hint at what’s to come in their Summit 5 recap video.

In a short Summit 5 recap video after the grandfinals (congrats to Wings, by the way), Beyond The Summit highlighted some of the best moments, including goofs and the gaffs, of the tournament. The video ended, however, with the iconic soundclip of “The bomb has been planted” from CS:GO, which makes us think a CS:GO Summit is incoming.

You could imagine the immediate reaction from Twitch chat.

twitch chat spams anele

Still, there’s a decent chance that Beyond The Summit is entering the foray of CS:GO tournaments, what with the success of their recent offshoot into Smash Bros. The Smash scene has welcomed Smash Summit 1 and 2, and with the growing cast of BTS it was probably a matter of time before CS:GO was involved in the mix.

beyond the summit csgo tournament

Does this mean LD and GoDz will be casting Counterstrike?

Probably not. For those new to the scene, Summit tournaments are usually casted alongside pro players themselves, with BTS helping out with the production. It’s a casual atmosphere where players, casters, managers and memers interact in a casual environment for five days. There’s a stream where you can watch them play Mafia or simply lollygag around the house for a while. Right now BTS hasn’t released any statements, or even winked at us to acknowledge the rumors, but if it’s true we can safely say that there’ll be a mix of CS:GO personalities around, including casters and pro players. If you’re into dank memes and great production quality, the CS:GO Summit is something you should look forward to.

A fresh entrant into CS:GO will be super interesting, especially one where we get to see pro players cast games being played by each other, which we’ve not had a lot of. Dota’s been enjoying it for 5 seasons now.

csgo summit october beyond the summit
Expect a CS:GO Summit in October 2016.

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