In Review: Is Rogue One Worth a Watch? (Spoiler Free)

If you’re a fan, you might be wondering if the new Star Wars Anthology Series is worth the hype. Or if, like the editor of my article, you know nothing about Star Wars, you might be wondering if Jar Jar Binks returns (it’s his favourite character).

The Star Wars Anthology Series was announced in February 2013, and now, almost 4 years later, ‘Rogue One’ has been released.

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Earlier in the year, we wrote about the official film poster that had been released, and how it was both bizarre and underwhelming.

Well, the good news is that the movie isn’t.

Lets get straight to it then. This time we’re going all the way; the full pineapple pizza – a spoilerless Rogue One review.

Chronologically, when is the movie set?

Rouge One is a sequel to the Prequels, and a prequel to the Original Trilogy, which are sequels to the Prequels and prequels to the Sequels.

Basically, it’s set between Episode III (Revenge of the Sith) and Episode IV (A New Hope).

Does Darth Vader really make an appearance?

Like we saw in the trailers, yes he does, and what a performance it turns out to be. (Not a spoiler.)

Is it filled with Easter eggs?

Just like The Force Awakens (could they really not think of a better name for that one?), Rogue One has multiple references to the Original Trilogy that we’re not going to discuss (spoiler free review, remember?), but they won’t go unnoticed by a Star Wars fan.

So, what else?

In short, the entire cast of the movie delivered extremely commendable jobs, but the real standout performances were those given by Ben Mendelsohn and Diego Luna.

krennic from star wars rogue one review

Ben Mendelsohn as Krennic

Unlike The Force Awakens, we already knew the basic plot of Rogue One, not only because it was pretty evident through the trailers (totally unlike Episode VII), but also because Disney told us (how nice of them). ‘Steal the plans for the Empire’s super weapon’ (try to guess which one).



Rogue One is not like a Star Wars film that we’re used to. There are no Jedi, and the only sarcasm and banter (which a lot of people are used to because of Obi-Wan, Han, and Leia) is provided by one character, a droid (although it is pretty good). It’s more of an outright action film than an epic  space opera. Like Episode VII, the special effects are, to put it simply, amazing. Once you get through the possible initial confusion of who is killing who, the movie goes on to deliver a solid story line.

Through the story, Rogue One goes on to answer multiple questions we might have had after watching ‘A New Hope’. More importantly, at no point does this movie threaten to ruin the entire series (Episode II was pushing that line a bit), nor does it spoil the story of the Original Trilogy.

It also leaves the currently ongoing Sequel series untouched, and proves that the Star Wars series has the potential for multiple spin offs if done correctly, just like this one was.

Fynestuff rating: 4.1/5

The second film of the series, based on Han Solo, has already been announced, and will be released in 2018, while the as yet unnamed Episode VIII will be released in December 2017.

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